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Square One involvement level:

Production date: 1987 & 2003

John J. Neufeld (J.J.) became the first Low German speaker on Licht vom Evangelium in 1959. Through almost 30 years of producing the program, he taught a book-by-book study of the New Testament. There was no Low German version of the Bible so, along with producing the program, J.J. and his assistant Viola Reimer began a systematic and painstaking process of translation. After he retired in 1987, J.J., his wife Margaret, and Viola worked on location for a number of months at a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate in Texas. Daut Niehe Tastament en Psalme was published by Kindred Press in 1987.


In 1996, Jacob Funk represented Square One (then known as Mennonite Brethren Communications) on a team of individuals and agencies who were committed to caring for the spiritual needs of Low German-speaking communities. Called the Friends of Plautdietsch Scriptures, the group collaborated to publish a full translation of the Bible in Low German. De Plautdietsche Bibel was published by Kindred Productions in 2003.

Image: Along with his wife Margaret, John J. Neufeld holds the first copy of Daut Niehe Tastament en Psalme in 1987. 

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