Licht vom Evangelium


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Production date: 1995 - 2019

A half-hour radio program written and hosted by Jacob Funk, Licht vom Evangelium includes Bible teaching and spiritual nurture with a distinct family focus. Episodes from 2017-2019 are available here as audio files. ​


The radio program, Licht vom Evangelium, began in 1959 with John J. Neufeld (J.J.) as the first Bible teacher and speaker. J.J. produced a weekly program for almost 30 years. Gerhard Friesen became the next program producer when J.J. retired in 1987. Along with recording the weekly program, Gerhard developed an effective travelling ministry among Central and South American Low German communities. Jacob Funk continued the radio ministry of Licht vom Evangelium from 1995 until his retirement in 2019. Jacob travelled extensively among Low German communities. From 2002 to 2008, Jacob wrote a collection of Licht vom Evangelium booklets to accompany the radio program, allowing readers to go into greater depths on certain topics.

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A series of pamphlets by radio preacher Jacob Funk to help readers learn more about what the Bible teaches on certain topics.


De Christliche





Matäus 5-7


“Jie selle soo Bäde!”


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